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Title: Women in Science

Provider: The Open University

I’ve written about science before and I’ve written about feminism before. This podcast is in a way about both. For me, as a university student and a woman, this is a true inspiration. Women scientists talk about their predecessors that were an inspiration for them. Not many people think how we as women are blessed to be able to pursue a higher education. This podcasts consists of stories of women who made a difference and who carved that path that we now walk. Without them by now I’d be looking for a husband and realising my dream to further explore the English language, literature and culture would be impossible. While I’m not interested in the fields they excelled in professionally speaking (that sounds a bit majestic, doesn’t it?) as I’ve written before – to claim a higher education you have to  be interested in a little of everything. So, even though I have no desire to find out more about those subjects, I still found listening to this podcast enjoyable. And, anyway, the first of the series is about Maria Skłodowska Curie – a so I was feeling patriotic. And it is her bust that stands in CERN. Only hers. Go Poland!

As always go listen and please come back and comment.

By Izabela


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Title: Feminisms

Speaker: Thomas Docherty

Provider: University of Warwick

For me personally this podcast was extremely interesting – since I think of myself as a feminist and listening about all the different trends in woman’s fight for equality was great. Since I’m a university student and a woman I think it is natural for me to be a feminist. It is only due to feminism, that I’m allowed to study. It was not the case just few generations ago. By the way, what is even more shocking that in Switzerland women were granted voting rights only in the 70s.

In this podcast professor Docherty stresses at the very beginning that feminism, like Marxism, is not optional in reading – it is very much involved in politics, it is more of a state of mind which can influence he way we read literature. We look into the text, but we admit that it does not exist in a void – the writer is influenced by the society he or she lives in.

With that said, I must admit I never knew that there was a difference between Anglo-American and French feminism. One front wants to erase the social differences between man and women – they think that it is unfair that certain traits are naturally masculine and some feminine. Others – the French – acknowledge that men and women are different but the feminine traits are seen as negative and that is unfair. We shouldn’t work to erase the differences between women and men – we should, as a society, acknowledge the worth of sensitivity, delicacy and other feminine traits.

Just like with the other podcast from the series it was very helpful in my classes in literary theory at my home university – after the class it was just what I needed to systematise my knowledge. As in the podcast about Marxism I’ve written about before, the quality is good, but a little too quiet, so I’d recommend listening in headphones. And admittedly it is a little hard to understand how to use feminism in critical reading in practice without the texts that are used during the lectures.

by Izabela

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