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Title: BC: Andrew Motion

Series: Bookclub

Provider: BBC 4

I am very sorry about the huge break in writing. As an apology I am going to recommend a truly remarkable podcast this time – an episode of what is, without a doubt, a great series by BBC Radio 4. I truly adore poetry, but only the right kind (what exactly is the right kind you have to decide for yourself – I’m talking about my tastes). I came upon the poetry of Andrew Motion is high school and was instantly enthralled. He held the position of poet laureate, but I find that I prefer his personal poems. They are deeply emotional, personal and yet touch upon universal truths and touch my heart, as corny as that sounds.

His first selling point for me was his voice – I found some of his poems at the poetry archive (which is, as I later found out, his brilliant creation) and there were recordings accompanying them. By the author himself in his deep, soothing voice. I love listening (as I’ve said many times before) and so when someone has a nice voice I must admit I can listen to them (ok, mostly him – I prefer male voices) for a very long time, no matter what they are talking about. Fortunately this particular podcast is full of meaning.

The poet talks about his art, about laureateship, and shares his passion for poetry. As I’ve said before I like listening to people who are passionate about their subject and he definitely is. I rarely listen to a podcast more than once, but here I made an exception. A poet that I greatly admire, talking about his art and passion in a deep voice, slowly as if contemplating each and every word… It does not get much better than that.

Even if you have not listened to any of the podcasts I recommended so far (and I know that from the stats telling me that there were only a couple of clicks on the links I provided) please, please listen to this one.

If this cannot convince you to start listening, I don’t know what can (unless you are a very exuberant person expecting excitement and action – then go listen to Stuff You Should Know). But really, this is THE podcast for me.

So go listen to the podcast, or visit the poetry archive and listen to a poem of his first.

by Izabela


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