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Title: vlogbrothers

Authors: John and Hank Green


This is not technically a podcast, it’s a vlog. But how on earth have I not seen it before? It is brilliant.

The project started in 2007. Two brothers: John and Hank Green decided to communicate for the entire year through this very vlog, foregoing all written communication. It evolved over time and kept on gaining viewers. The videos are funny, informational and sometimes even touching.

However, the most amazing thing is not the vlog itself (though it is really brilliant), but the community which sprung up around it. The Nerdfighters, led by John and Hank are involved in many great causes. Most notably the yearly Project for Awesome, when the nerd fighters take over YouTube for one day and the most popular videos are not about cats, but about charities that they support.

Another thing about nerdfighters? As John Green often explains, they are not made of bones and tissue and stuff like normal people, but they are made out of awesome.

The link above is the their YouTube channel, but I would suggest starting with this playlist.


Go, watch and come back to tell me what you think. Don’t Forget To Be Awesome!

by Izabela

P.S. And, not to mention they John used one of my favorite phrases of all time in his video from 9.02.11: parental unit. This is a private joke in our family when I tell something to one parental unit and then assume that both my parents know.


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