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Achtung, Achtung!

Title: Slow German

Speaker: Annik Rubens

As you probably guessed from the title I’m going to make a little detour this time – that’s right I’m going to write about a podcast that is not in English, or even in Polish. This was my very first podcast in German. I felt so proud of myself. This is just what the name said: slow German. Basically they pick a subject and than talk about it v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y. I have to admit I only listened to one episode – the one about cars. It was not quite what I had in mind (I’m interested mostly in small, beautiful, ridiculously expensive sport cars like Aston Martins) but it was a start. If someone is not sure of their abilities in German this is a great place to start. Listening to this podcast gave me the courage to try something more advanced and I found a podcast I’m going to write in my next post.

The vocabulary is fairly easy, and really the main advantage of this podcast is that they speak very slowly. Usually when looking for podcasts in German I found either very basic ones (let’s say hello in German) or very advanced – clearly meant for Germans themselves. This is somewhere in the middle. I can recommend it to anyone who has learned German, but is not advanced enough for German radio or tv.

I know it’s summer – but please comment anyway?

by Izabela


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