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This time I’d like to make this post a little more personal and recommend three Ted talks that touched me deeply. They are especially relevant to what is now happening in the media in Poland. There is this huge movement against the so called ‘gender ideology’ and the television and the newspapers are full of hate-filled words against homosexuals, single parents, in vitro. Even giving children the opportunity of choice whether they want to play with blue blocks or pink dolls is being attacked. Not to mention going against the ‘traditional’ and ‘natural’ gender roles or God forbid calling yourself a feminist.

The first two talks I’d like to recommend address those issues. First is a short speech delivered by Colin Stokes about children’s films that his children watched titled “How movies teach manhood“. I do not want give too much away, but suffice to say there is a dramatic twist halfway into the talk which left me speechless.

The second talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie “We should all be feminists” is longer and just as insightful. What struck me the most was the attitude of many men that the lecturer described. They often think that no one discriminates women anymore and dismiss any protests. Women are still discriminated. It’s true, that it’s much better nowadays that it’s been, say 50 years ago. However, as she said: “The problem with gender is that it prescribes how we should be rather than recognizing how we are.” It should not matter whether you are a woman or a men – you should be free to do as you please. You are a man and love to cook – great!. You are a women and hate it – it’s ok too.

Which leads me to the third talk, “Let’s try emotional correctness” by Sally Kohn while not strictly about feminism is still relevant to the current situation in Poland. Unfortunately the language in the media is now hate-filled and words like ‘traitor’ are used shockingly often. The talk “Let’s try emotional correctness”, I think, should made obligatory to watch for all people speaking in public. I do not begrudge anyone their own opinion. I accept that my viewpoint is not universal, and is just that: my viewpoint. But I do want others to respect me and to respect that my opinions may be different than theirs.

I hope You’ll go and listen to my recommendations and maybe find something else you like on Ted talks.

by Izabela

P.S. Sorry about the rant at the end – even with the events happening in Ukraine the “gender” topic seems to prevail.


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Title: Women in Science

Provider: The Open University

I’ve written about science before and I’ve written about feminism before. This podcast is in a way about both. For me, as a university student and a woman, this is a true inspiration. Women scientists talk about their predecessors that were an inspiration for them. Not many people think how we as women are blessed to be able to pursue a higher education. This podcasts consists of stories of women who made a difference and who carved that path that we now walk. Without them by now I’d be looking for a husband and realising my dream to further explore the English language, literature and culture would be impossible. While I’m not interested in the fields they excelled in professionally speaking (that sounds a bit majestic, doesn’t it?) as I’ve written before – to claim a higher education you have to  be interested in a little of everything. So, even though I have no desire to find out more about those subjects, I still found listening to this podcast enjoyable. And, anyway, the first of the series is about Maria Skłodowska Curie – a so I was feeling patriotic. And it is her bust that stands in CERN. Only hers. Go Poland!

As always go listen and please come back and comment.

By Izabela

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Title: A Romp Through The History of Philosophy

Provider: Oxford University

Speaker: Marianne Talbot

Finally something useful for a class at my home university (2nd year now!). I’ve been searching for some time for something like this and, although there is plenty of interesting material about philosophy out there, most of it is either modern (and I needed history) or too detailed for my taste. So here it is: A Romp Through The History of Philosophy. It is exactly what the title states it to be. A long (I couldn’t find time to listen to all of it at ar once) introduction to philosophy about the history of the subject, and more importantly the patterns of thinking necessary for understanding the ‘love of knowledge’. It genuinely helped me with the lectures at my home university. I like philosophy, really I do. But apparently I was dealing with simplified versions of theories so far and wasn’t quite up to the challenge of philosophy at university level. This podcast helped me to understand the philosophical way of thinking better.
The lecture itself is great. Normally I avoid podcasts this long (an hour and a half!) but I’m glad I listened to this one. It is insightful, interesting and entertaining, which is a rare thing among university lectures. Most lecturers are all facts and no fun, but this podcast is an exception. I had fun while listening to it and my mind did not drift off to other subjects. By interacting with students Ms Talbot made this lecture marvelous. The one drawback I could find is that the answered given by students are hard to hear and sometimes I had to go on what the professor was saying to deduce what the student said.
I believe it will be helpful to any student that listens to it and interesting for everyone. So, as always go listen and tell me your thoughts. Pretty please?
by Izabela
P.S. I found this lecture through iTunes and there it was provided by the Oxford University, but the link I offer at the beginning of this post leads to the Official Website of Marianne Talbot.

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Getting social

Not an actual post this time – just letting you know who reads (because from the lack of comments it could seem no one does). So take a look at the stats and see how many visitors from different countries we have. I expected to see people from Poland – it’s where I live, but I’m glad to see that my English is good enough, so that native speakers read what I write 🙂 – 2nd, 3rd and 4th places in the stats. So thank you all and keep coming back.









P.S Just a quick update – We’ve just hit over 1000 visitors 😀

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