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Title: The British History Podcast

Author: Jamie Jeffers

Avid readers of the blog undoubtedly noticed that I started it during 1st year of my undergraduate studies, which means I am now in my final year. This, in turn, unfortunately means exams and reviewing everything I have learned so far. To make my work a little more pleasant  I – surprise, surprise – listen to podcasts. The one I’d like to recommend today is called The British History Podcast. But why this particular one, one might ask, there are lots of history podcasts out there. Well, my dear hypothetical reader – I like this one. It is not only highly informative, but it is also at times funny. Most importantly it does what few other podcasts about history do: it puts things into modern perspective. For example in one of the first episodes it explains why Cesar needed the approval of the senate to invade Britain: in a modern context the governor of California can’t just invade Mexico just because he wants to. When you see (hear ?) this comparison it becomes rather obvious why there were laws against taking such an action without prior approval. This approach certainly gives a better understanding of history and allows a modern listener to relate to the situation. This makes the facts much more memorable. I’m obviously very happy about it, because it means I won’t have to relearn it again in the near future. Although the exam that I have to take focuses on literature and culture, having a solid historical background while talking about those is never a bad idea.

The one serious drawback is that this podcast is fairly new (it started in 2011), which means there is nothing on modern history yet. But no matter – I can (and probably will) find another to review that. Another issue is not necessarily problematic for everyone, but to me it is a disadvantage: Jamie Jeffers is American. Now, I really do not have anything against Americans themselves, I just prefer listening to people with a British accent. Fortunately he makes up for it with his brilliant storytelling :-).

So, as always, go listen, enjoy and please comment.

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