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Title: Women in Science

Provider: The Open University

I’ve written about science before and I’ve written about feminism before. This podcast is in a way about both. For me, as a university student and a woman, this is a true inspiration. Women scientists talk about their predecessors that were an inspiration for them. Not many people think how we as women are blessed to be able to pursue a higher education. This podcasts consists of stories of women who made a difference and who carved that path that we now walk. Without them by now I’d be looking for a husband and realising my dream to further explore the English language, literature and culture would be impossible. While I’m not interested in the fields they excelled in professionally speaking (that sounds a bit majestic, doesn’t it?) as I’ve written before – to claim a higher education you have to  be interested in a little of everything. So, even though I have no desire to find out more about those subjects, I still found listening to this podcast enjoyable. And, anyway, the first of the series is about Maria Skłodowska Curie – a so I was feeling patriotic. And it is her bust that stands in CERN. Only hers. Go Poland!

As always go listen and please come back and comment.

By Izabela


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Passionate about theatre

Title: Playwriting

Provider: National Theatre (British)

I love art and I love listening to people passionate about the subject they’re talking about. This podcasts combines both. The title may scare away some people, but believe me you don’t have to aspire to write a play to find this interesting. I was drawn to this podcast because I love to listen to writers talk about their craft. I always want to know more after reading a book: which were the difficult parts to write? Which were the easiest? Where do the names come from? Those and many, many more questions often remain unanswered. I admit I don’t think I’ve ever seen a play by any of the interviewed play-writers. The best part is – I didn’t have to. When a person is truly passionate about their subject I could listen to them for hours on end. This is, of course made more enjoyable by the fact that those people are writers. This shows in the language they use. It may not be particularly fancy or sophisticated, but somehow it just flows and is truly a pleasure to listen to. I can’t stress enough how brilliant this podcast is. It comes in video format and each episode only takes a couple of minutes. After I watched  one I could not tear myself away and watched all the others straight away (even though I should probably have been studying).

This time, for a change, I’m not telling you to go and listen, no, this time go and watch. Just take the few minutes and you will not be disappointed.

By Izabela

P.S. I’m sorry that the link is for iTunes, but the only other source I could find is YouTube.

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Title: MSt English Language

Provider: University of Oxford

Since taking History of the English Language is obligatory this year at my university I thought it would be good to find something interesting to listen to. Although the very first post I wrote on this blog is about Old English, I think the subject is really interesting and I wanted to find something more. And here it is. The podcast not only contains useful and interesting information, it also allows the listeners to see how linguists work.

For example, the one about old English was particularly insightful for me. I finally understood how people know how things were pronounced back then. I get grammar and spelling –  there are the manuscripts. But it was fascinating to find out how we know how people spoke in the Middle Ages. And no, I’m not going to elaborate – that would be a spoiler. Just go listen yourself, come back and comment.

And I would appreciate some suggestions on what subject should I find podcasts next. I mean there are only so many thing you can listen to about the language, especially with exams in those very subjects coming up. I need some fun. Pretty please?

by Izabela

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