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Accelerating Science

You will all have to excuse me in this post, because this time the listening I’m recommending is not that easily available. You see, I was traveling during my winter vacation and, long story short, I was flying home from Geneva and had some time to kill. So, obviously, I went to CERN. Yes, the very same CERN with the Large Hadron Collider. There, in the  The Globe of Science and Innovation, is an exhibition “Universe of particles”. Unfortunately it is not very large, but it is, and there is no word for it, awesome. You must go there if you get the opportunity. Really. If you fly somewhere and have a chance to fly through Geneva do it. The exhibition is admission free.  You need just half an hour, but what a half hour this will be! Imagine a circular, darkened room that explains the mystery of the universe. And it gets better – there are several dome-like armchairs with a speakers built-in. To be fair there are only a few of them, but they are great. You just  sink into them and listen to podcasts in  perfect English about the mysteries of the universe. Why does the force exist? What about the black holes? Why do we need the Higgs Boson and what is it? You will find answers to those and many more questions, all told simply enough for everyone to understand.

If that wasn’t enough there is a multimedia presentation which literally left me with my jaw hanging open. It was beautifully done and helped to imagine the beginning of the universe (though I must admit that the  “The Big Bang Theory” theme song kept running through my head)

And, anyway, their slogan – ‘Accelerating Science”? Priceless.

by Izabela


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