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My Summer Listening

Hello again after the summer, which I spent – surprise, surprise – listening. I’ve found two brilliant podcasts. Since summertime means free-time neither of them is even remotely connected to literature or linguistics. After all, as much as I love those two subjects, everyone deserves a break from studying.

My first choice is a series of lectures from Dr. Vernick on jazz music.

Title: Jazz Insights

Speaker: Dr Gorgon Vernick

Provider: Georgia State University

I’m absolutely addicted to it. I love jazz and this podcasts allowed me into a whole new world. I think it would be interesting both for people who know ┬ásomething about music and those who are absolutely clueless. Dr Vernick goes into quite a lot of detail but he explains the terms so that anyone could understand. What’s more you do not only learn about great musicians, you actually get to listen to the songs. However if you simply want to get some information on jazz and learn the basics, say in a week, this podcast is not for you. By now there are 269 episodes – it takes time to listen to all of them. But if you are a jazz enthusiast, just like I am – this is a treasure.

Title: “Stuff to Blow Your Mind”

Speakers: Robert Lamb and Julie Douglas

Provider: HowStuffWorks.com

My second choice of some light listening is a bit different. The podcast used to be called “Scientsy stuff” but now the name changed into “Stuff to Blow Your Mind”. As both titles suggest the whole series is about science – the things you’ve always wondered about, but never had the opportunity to find out. And, believe me, some of it can blow your mind. Some examples of the episodes are “How Exploding Lakes Work” and “The Virtues of Venom”. The variety of subjects is staggering, and while I admit that I did not enjoy every episode that I’ve listened to, most were really interesting and entertaining.

So take a little time everyday to find pleasure in jazz or find out more about the world we live in. I promise you won’t regret it.

As both podcasts can be found in different places, here is a list of links:

“Jazz Insights”

“Stuff to Blow Your Mind”

by Izabela


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