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Horrible Histories

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Here is an essay I wrote for my old English teacher, but since she’s an old hag she never bothered reading it, so  maybe now it’ll prove useful. The essay is a high-light of the Tudor and Stuart reign in England, all the key facts included. It is a general overview of the two dynasties. Btw it is based on two relevant chapters from the “An Illustrated History of Britain” by David MacDowell 😉

Hope you will find it useful!

Discuss the differences between Tudors’ and Stuarts’ Times

While the times of rule of the Tudor dynasty are considered to be extremely fruitful for the English, the Stuarts reign can be described as the downfall of the monarchy system and general chaos among the Englishmen. Although the Tudors are not free of faults the Stuarts were very unlucky and had to rule during difficult times, when their supposedly loyal subjects constantly undermined their power and right to rule.

The Tudor period stretched from 1485 to 1603, when the last of the Tudors, Queen Elizabeth I died without successors and James I of the Scottish Stuarts was the only rightful heir to the English throne. King Henry VII was the first of the Tudors to reign, after the one hundred years war and the war of three roses the Tudors were successful in gaining the crown.

Want more? Here is a pdf file :Horrible Histories



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Speaker and Provider: @linguistchris
A nicely done series of podcasts on linguistics. Each podcast deals with a different area of the subject and goes over it thoroughly. I think it can be useful both to people who know nothing at all about the subject and to those, who, like me, are finishing the second semester of classes called Introduction to Linguistics, not to mention Phonology, Phonetics and Syntax. It is a very good way to revise for the finals (I know I write about them in every post but they are  looming on the horizon, threatening the peace of innocent students). I can wholeheartedly recommend them to everyone. I love phonology and phonetics – and still found the podcasts on them interesting – a revision of what I should know. On the other hand I do not enjoy syntax – the first semester was ok, but the second simply baffles me – and the podcast on the subject was very helpful.
For those who do not have to pass exams in linguistics – simply enjoy listening and finding out new, exciting knowledge about language – You can listen only to tracks about the areas which interest you personally – and skip over others.
I must admit I took me a long time to gather my courage and listen to the podcast – I was afraid it would be either too easy, or too difficult, but I was pleasantly surprised . It takes considerable skill to make a podcast which can be interesting to both complete newbies and people who have dealt with linguistics ( I do not claim to be an expert – I’m only a first year, but non the less I have some knowledge on the subject).
And here is another link to the podcast (for those of you who do not use iTunes)
by Izabela

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